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Mr Doug Hill

Member, Bass

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    Public Relations Officer
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  • Doug joined Ouse Valley Chorus in October 2016 after seeing an advert in the local paper for their "Come and Sing!" course and thought it might be a fun excuse to get out of the house!  Since then he hasn't looked back and is a very active member of the chorus, singing at every BABS convention and at most performances.  He attended Hamony College in 2017 (where he was granted a schollarship) and in 2018, participating the the College Chorus stream on both occasions.  In 2017 he was voted onto the Executive Committee as the club's P.R. Officer.

    When he's not singing with OVC, Doug also sings in a family community choir, likes to play the recorder (badly) in an ensemble , and enjoys a bit of open water swimming on the rare occasions that it's warm enough.