About Ouse Valley Chorus

Originally called “Vocal Academy” we are now proud to call ourselves “Ouse Valley Chorus”.  The change in name was to reflect our geographical reach and to let people know who we are.


Based in Huntingdon, Ouse Valley Chorus was formed in 2001 when a group of men who enjoy singing all kinds of music decided to get together once a week to practice their hobby.  Since that time it has gained a reputation for exciting, top quality performances.  With many successful entries into national and regional competitions over the years including the prestigious Mercury Rose Bowl for being the outstanding choir of the competition.

We are under the excellent direction of Paul Clay who is moving Ouse Valley Chorus forward with new goals and ambitions. We competed in the national BABS convention last year and improved our ranking considerably, moving up a division and improving on our score from the previous year.  We compete each year in the annual national BABS convention where we have steadily improved our ranking.

We are continuously seeking to extend a warm welcome to new members as we continue to develop the chorus.  We accept men of all ages from all walks of life who love to sing or just want to try singing.  Our style of music is “a cappella”, Barbershop four part harmony.  We sing without instrumental accompaniment, we simply use our voices to create beautiful inspiration music. It is very much a hobby and therefore it is important to us that it is enjoyable.  We meet weekly to practice collectively and naturally, we practice at home, in the car or wherever we can.

In addition to singing at our regular practice venue, we also perform publicly at social and other events throughout the year.  We also enjoy some occasional social events with our friends and partners and always have a “rehydration” session at the local pub after a practice.

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